Everything started with the end, with an oil and enthusiasm.

The end of one moped and its new touch. Matej decided to rebuild his first Yamahu SR machine, according to the philosophy of English rockers. Beautiful craftsmanship, creative approach, and pleasant feedback from viewers while riding on a “Old Fox” all brought this young boy to the idea of setting up the Gas & Oil brand in 2014. He has empowered this brand by a good-quality work and a unique design with original manuscript.

Little by little the team of enthusiastic and dedicated motorcycle fans grown up and have bulit a well-working garage. Convinced that the current bikes were disfigured and abducted in the hands of marketing, european emission standards and new technologies, we saw the direction driven by older pistons and creativity. Now we are aiming to become a part of a new generation of enthusiastic riders who will love kick-starters, uniqueness, true sound and the desire for adventure.