Bigworth | BMW K100


We used a combination of a race lines with army features to create a custom build in the Tracker style.


  • BMW K100 1987
  • Refurbished engine from the outside as well as the inside
  • Original concept of the exhaust upgraded to our Machine gun
  • Hand painted racing plate with the number 6
  • USA army leather saddle bag
  • Daytona digital speedometer
  • Blue LED control for fuel reserve indication
  • Harley-Davidson rear fender
  • Quickshifter throttle
  • YSS rear suspension
  • Switches from Honda NX
  • Dunlop Trialmax tires

Gas & Oil Signature:

Lighter frame, lifted seat platform, leather seat, stainless-steel headlight holder, stainless-steel speedometer holder, aluminium cover of the ignition coils.


Photo: Martin Kroužek