Old Fox | FOR SALE

This is the Motorcycle that started it all. 1984 Yamaha SR 500.
It was the first project of Gas and Oil garage and it provoked excitement and enthusiasm in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. It’s the cornerstone of the Gas and Oil brand. This bike has criss-crossed the whole Europe. It has appeared in both local and foreign media and it was presented at several exhibitions.
Many great rides as well as number of crashes are part of the Old fox life. She undergone several repairs and tune-ups. However, the whole bike was currently rebuilt. Some new parts were fitted but the story of this Yamaha has been preserved.
We have developed a new technical aspect to this bike and it become the Old Fox. Now you can eperience the adventure of riding it.

Rabid rock’n’roll, English subculture of the “rockers” and their wild desire for speed became the main inspiration for rebuilding the bike. That’s why we stick to Cafe Racer style and concept. We build the machine as light as possible, we gained maximum power out of the original single cylinder engine.

The chassis are few centimeters lower now, the fork is stronger, rear suspension is fully adjustable. upside down fitted handlebars , lower seat and different possition of the pads secure riders sporty possition. The mask taken from the motocross Suzuki TS 125 is an unorthodox solution of the front. The Old Fox is very agile and easy to handle lightweight bike.

The MotoGadget – m. Unit, trumpet exahaust and many other custom parts makes the whole package. (see list of parts bellow).

The single seat was inspired by the scrambler design. Thanks to this, the Old Fox fits into the Brat category which is a kind of a Cafe Racer adapted for city riding. The whole bike has been thoroughly rebuild but always with respect to its surface patina. This machine is the one which set the base of original design as the signature of Gas and Oil garage. We call the design „Worn Thunder“. The result is an original, rough, dirty, lightweight motor. Riding the Old Fox turns into an addiction in few moments.


– Yamaha SR 500 year 1984

–  Engine overhaul

– Strengthened clutch

– front fork,  Wirth springs

– Air/Nitrogen Cell Shock Absorbers

– K&N filter

– Full front brake disc

– Suzuki TS front hood

– MotoGadget – m.unit, m.switch

– Exhaust Trumpet with a custom insertion

– Bridgestone tires

Gas & Oil Signature: lowered chassis,  shortened rear frame, racing pedals set higher enabling maximum machine inclination,  leather saddle and customised fenders,

price: 200 000.- CZ

Photo: Ondřej Ždichynec, Jakub Frey, Martin Feix