BAD HABIT | Yamaha SR 500

Not following the rules which were set by our society can become a BAD HABIT.


  • Yamaha SR 500 1983
  • Engine overhaul (WISECO piston, new cam, valves, progressive clutch)
  • D.I.D Chain set
  • Refurbished aluminium engine segments
  • Carburetor overhaul
  • K&N filters
  • SMPro PLATINUM rim
  • Drum brakes Honda CB
  • HAGON suspension
  • TRUMPET custom exhaust
  • Front fork overhaul
  • Motogadget accessories: m.unit, m.swith, m.blaze
  • Original hand-painted gas tank by Jiří Kodras
  • FIRESTONE tires

Gas & Oil Signature:

Overall weight reduction, Rear frame customization, Custom made saddle made of gas tank from SR 250 model, Rev meter transformation, Customised front fender, Additional cooling system.

Photo: Ondřej Ždichynec