Old Fox | Yamaha SR 500

custom motocykl worn thundrer

Rabid rock’n’roll, English subculture of the “rockers” and their wild desire for speed became the main inspiration. That’s why we tried to keep the Cafe Racer style.


  • Yamaha SR 500 1984
  • Engine overhaul – WISECO piston, new cam, valves, progressive clutch, new alternator
  • Hagon suspension
  • Strengthened clutch
  • Special tachometer Old Fox
  • Full front brake disc
  • K&N filter
  • Yellow headlight
  • Exhaust with a custom insert
  • Leather tool bag
  • Clip-on handlebars
  • Tank with new powder paint designed and painted by Jiri Kodras
  • Bridgestone tires

Gas & Oil Signature:

lowered chassis,  shortened rear frame, racing pedals set higher enabling maximum machine inclination,  leather saddle and customised fenders.

Photo: Jakub Frey